Due Diligence of Company

  • What is Due Diligence?

    Due diligence is generally conducted by investors to check for regulatory and process compliance by the company on a regular basis. Due diligence of a company is generally performed before any private equity investment, business sale, bank loan funding, etc. In this process, the legal, financial and the compliance aspects of the company are usually reviewed and documented. It is basically the process of examining all the material facts of a deal or a contract before a legal contract is signed by both the parties. It is not just limited to buyers, even sellers can perform a due diligence on the buyer. Due diligence consist of factual, background, legal and accounting checks. This done to ensure that there are no surprises after a deal is done.

  • Documents Required for Due Diligence

    • Charter documents of the company
    • Notices, Attendance Sheets & Board Meeting Minutes
    • Notices, Attendance Sheets & General Meeting Minutes
    • Statutory Registers
    • Legal Agreements executed by the Company
    • RBI Related documents

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