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  • What is ISO Certification?

    An ISO registration enhances the reputation of your service or product. It is given by the ISO, an independent organisation that facilitates innovation and development.
    An ISO certified product or service brings credibility to your brand and it endures that your product meets the quality expectations of your customer.
    An ISO certification only certifies that your business meets all the requirements for standardization and quality management set by the ISO. It does not act as a license or permit.
    There are two important ISO certifications, these are: ISO 9001 that certifies quality management systems ISO 14001 a standard used for environmental management systems

  • NGO Registration Methods?

    Broadly, NGO Registration in India can be done under the following methods:-


    One possible way in which you can register a Non-Government Organisation is by registering it as a trust. This kind of method is used by NGOs who work with eradicating poverty, giving education and providing medical relief. You might want to note that trusts are irrevocable. This means that they cannot change or terminated without the beneficiary's permission.

    Although there is no national law that governs trusts, States like Maharashtra and Gujarat have Public Trust Acts to look into the affairs of NGOs.


    Societies can be referred to member-based organizations for charitable purposes. They are run by a governing body or a managing committee.

    Unlike with trusts, all societies come under the preview of Indian law. Societies in India come under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

    Section 8 Companies

    A Section 8 Company has limited liability and cannot make any profits. It is generally formed for promoting science, art, commerce, charity, religion or any other purpose that is useful to society.

    When compared to Societies and Trusts, Section 8 Companies have more benefit in the sense that they have more legal standing and better credibility among government bodies and donors.

  • The ISO Certification Process in India

    Sign a Contract

    The first step is to sign a legal contract with the ISO Registrar. This documents contains rights and liabilities of both parties. It also has confidentiality and access rights.

    Review of your Quality Documents

    The next step is to get your quality documents and procedures audited. The auditor will find gaps in the document and procedures of the company and then prescribe ways to close these gaps. These suggestions are in tune with ISO standards.

    Prepare an Action Plan

    Once you are aware of the gaps in procedures and documents, it is your job to close these gaps. Make an action plan based on the suggestions by the auditor and strive to improve procedures so that you reach your goal of being ISO compliant.

    First Stage Certification Audit

    At this stage, the auditor will check to see if you have implemented all his suggestions for being ISO compliant. He or She will then see if all the non-conformities in your system match the desired standard of an ISO certification. The non-conformities are divided into two parts, minor and major. After the auditor’s report, you must then ensure that the non-conformities in your procedures and processes match the desired ISO standard.

    The auditor will check to see for the second time if the non-conformities are up to the mark. If they are, he will proceed to prepare the final audit and send his report to the registrar.

    After the registrar receives the report, they will grant you the ISO certification.

    Regular Surveillance Audits

    Even after you have got your certification, the auditor will, from time to time, audit your systems, procedures and non-conformances to check if they are ISO compliant.

    Time Frame for ISO Certification

    The time frame for ISO certifications depends on the type of organization.

    • For Small Companies: 6-8 months
    • For Large Companies: 8-12 months
    • For Big Companies: 12-15 months

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