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  • Legal Advice for NRIs

    The need for expert legal advice is, unfortunately, not any smaller when you’re in another country. A property or tax matter may be on your mind and you no longer need to let it be on your mind. Our panel of veteran lawyers can clear up any of your doubts and, if necessary, take further action. We have a network across specialisations, from property and family law to intellectual property and corporate law. All you need to do is send in your request and we’ll put you in touch with a lawyer.

  • Advantages of Legal Advice

    Clear up Doubts

    Rather than leave legal matters until your next trip back home, you can simply clear up any concerns you may have over the phone. Any consultation is, of course, absolutely confidential.

    Take Quick Action

    Legal matters often can’t wait. In case you need to put a stay order, file a petition, reply to a legal notice or any other such matter, you can take immediate action (should the lawyer recommend it).

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