Property Registration

  • What is Property Registration?

    So you've found the place you want to buy or found a buyer for your property, so you get an agreement prepared. There is no underestimating this document, given the large sums involved in property deals. This agreement will cover comprehensively the terms on which the sale will take place, the conditions, and the date on which the sale will be completed. But what next? Once this document is signed and executed, it needs to be stamped (and the duty needs to be paid). Together, this constitutes the property registration process.

  • Documents and Information for Property Registration

    • Duty stamped signed and executed document.
    • The claimant of the sale document must also sign the sale deed and appear before the registering officer for registration of the sale deed.
    • Patta transfer application with court fee
    • PAN Card/Number
    • Patta pass book
    • ID card for executants and claimant (for all deeds)
    • ID card for witnesses

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