Relinquishment Deed

  • What is a Relinquishment Deed?

    A legal document where under a legal heir gives up or releases his legal rights in an inherited/ parental/ joint property in favor of other co-owners. It is used to transfer ownership when the person dies intestate and the legal heirs shall transfer their shares in favor of another legal heir, who is a co-owner of the same property. A relinquishment deed shall be transferred either for consideration or without consideration. The stamp duty for Relinquishment deed is much cheaper compared with the Gift Deed.
    For the transfer to be a release/ relinquishment, the only condition is that the parties must be co-owners of the property.

  • Documents / Details required:

    • Particulars required for a Release Deed
    • Name of the Releasor, Age, Address
    • Name of the Releasee, Age, Address
    • Property description
    • If release on payment of consideration then Details about consideration

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