Secretarial Audit Package for Companies

  • What are the services provided under Secretarial Audit?

    Secretarial audit is an audit to check compliance of various legislations including the Companies Act and other corporate and economic laws applicable to the company. Secretarial audit is a process to check the compliances made by a company under the Corporate Law and the other relevant laws, regulations, rules and procedures etc. It was enacted vide section 204 of the 2013 Companies Act. Under this, the regulators monitor the companies for compliances as needed by the stated laws and processes.
    In the multifarious business scenario of today, it is mandatory for every company to comply with the hundreds of rules, regulations and law. Any non-adherence to the compliances can be dicey for the company. It is very important for organizations to conduct a periodical examination of their work in order to point out the errors and to maintain a strong compliance mechanism system in any organisation.
    It is maintained that periodical inspections of the records gives the Authority the exact information of the company’s compliance policy. For the inexperienced, only a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, who holds a certificate of practice, can conduct such a secretarial audit and then furnish the official Secretarial Audit Report to the Company.
    A detailed secretarial audit helps:

    • To check reports on compliances.
    • To protect the interest of employees, customers, society etc.
    • To avoid any unnecessary legal actions by the law enforcing agencies.
    • To point out inadequate compliances and non-compliances.
    • To ensure that the procedural and legal requirements are suitably complied and that is important for the image and the goodwill of any company.

  • Companies Act, 2013

    • Review of Charter Documents alterations if any and related compliances
    • Share Capital and Debentures Rules - Compliance related to ICDR, Pre and Post Issue Compliances
    • Borrowings - Borrowing Limit, Pre and Post Borrowing Compliances
    • Public Deposit if any - Pre and Post Compliances
    • Board and General Meetings - Notice, Agenda and Minutes
    • Declaration and Payment of Dividend - Pre and Post Compliances
    • Board of Directors - Appointment & Resignation
    • Internal Audit and Internal Audit Report
    • Auditor Appointment, Tenure of Appointment & Rotation
    • CSR Compliances - Committee Formation, Limit of Contribution
    • Related Party Transactions & its Compliances
    • Inter Corporate Loan, Investments and Corporate Guarantee
    • Buy Back of Shares - Pre & Post Compliances
    • Annual Return & Annual Compliances
    • Member Register and Change in any Shareholding Pattern
    • Secretarial Standards

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